Oh Watty. Till when will I neglect you? #WritersBlock #WBforever #Dada

Hoy, Ino!!!!


Throwback patay-gutom Dio Anne.👸 #DiUsoExtraRice

This is the official ‘i care’ symbol. This is how it works:

Basically you reblog this, and your followers know that you care and that they can message you about anything anon or not and you will reply back or at least look at their message.

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Happy #NationalDogDay my little creeps!!! 😙🐶🐶

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I feel like I’m looking at God

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🎼Ako na ata ang pinaka-maputlang babae sa mundo~🎼🎶 #BigyanNgLipstick #TeamLowBlood

Billy-Bong brotherly love~ haha (at Siena College of Taytay)


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Hello friends! I’m going on vacation tomorrow so I won’t be updating as often for a bit. I’ll miss you all desperately.


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